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5 reasons to use HFF-AWS biosensing platform to ensure food safety in honey production

June 22th 2015 The control of chemical residues is essential in honey’s marketing to ensure consumer safety. Equipments available in the market reach the required limit of detection (LOD) (e.g Liquid Cromatography -HPLC) but are not suitable for in-situ implantation in honey packaging industry because they are more expensive and time-consuming and require highly qualified […]

AWSensors exhibits how HFF-AWS biosensor reaches ELISA limit of detection for carbaryl pesticide in the 4th International Conference on Biosensing Technology in Lisbon

AWSensors showed its work on carbaryl pesticide during the 4th International Conference on Biosensing Technology held in Lisbon, Portugal, last month. Attendees were very interested in how AWS platform provides ELISA limit of detection. Therefore, we would like to explain and share on line the work entitled “Further sensitivity enhancement of HFF-QCM immunosensors for pesticides”. AWSensors have successfully developed […]

Piezoelectric transducers and applications, Second Edition.

Authors: Arnau A., Brett C., Bittencourt, Ch., Calvo E., Canetti, R., Coelho, W., Ferrari V., Jiménez Y., Kanazawa K., Leija L., Luckmlum R., March, C., Montoya, A., Muñoz R., Negreira, C., Ocampo, A., Otero M., Perrot., Ramos A., San Emeterio J.L., Soares D., Sogorb T., Stipek S, Vera, A.

Published by: Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg (2008).