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Multifunctional Surfaces for Improving Soft Tissue Integration

Authors: Adriana Vilaça, Rui M. A. Domingues, Hanna Tiainen, Bárbara B. Mendes, Alejandro Barrantes, Rui L. Reis, Manuela E. Gomes, Manuel Gomez‐Florit.

Journal: Advanced Healthcare Materials, 2021

Publication on AWSensors technology

Exploring the effect of humidity on thermoplastic starch films using the quartz crystal microbalance

Authors: Matthew D. Eaton,  Daniel Domene-López,  Qifeng Wang, Mercedes G. Montalbán,  Ignacio Martin-Gullon, Kenneth R.Shull.

Journal: Carbohydrate Polymers, 2021

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Scrutiny of the LiCoO2 Composite Electrode/Electrolyte Interface by Advanced Electrogravimetry and Implications for Aqueous Li-Ion Batteries

Authors: Wanli Gao, Natacha Krins, Christel Laberty-Robert, Hubert Perrot, and Ozlem Sel

Journal: The Journal of Physical Chemistry, 2021

Publication on AWSensors technology

Well-Defined Lignin Model Films from Colloidal Lignin Particles

Authors: Muhammad Farooq , Zou Tao, Juan José Valle-Delgado, Mika Henrikki Sipponen, Maria Morits, Monika Österberg

Journal: Langmuir, 2020

Publication on AWSensors technology

A Fast Method for Monitoring the Shifts in Resonance Frequency and Dissipation of the QCM Sensors of a Monolithic Array in Biosensing Applications

Authors: Román Fernández; María Calero; José Vicente García-Narbón; Ilya Reviakine; Antonio Arnau; Yolanda Jiménez

Journal: IEEE Sensors Journal, 2021

Publication on AWSensors technology

Correlation between the interfacial ion dynamics and charge storage properties of poly (ortho-phenylenediamine) electrodes exhibiting high cycling stability

Authors: El Mahdi Halim, Rezan Demir-Cakan, Hubert Perrot, Mama El Rhazi, Ozlem Sel.

Journal: HAL, 2020

Publication on AWSensors technology

Two-dimensional adaptive membranes with programmable water and ionic channels

Authors: Daria V. Andreeva, Maxim Trushin, Anna Nikitina, Mariana C. F. Costa, Pavel V. Cherepanov, Matthew Holwill, Siyu Chen, Kou Yang, See Wee Chee, Utkur Mirsaidov, Antonio H. Castro Neto & Kostya S. Novoselov.

Journal: Nature Nanotechnology, 2020

Publication on AWSensors technology

Deciphering the Influence of Electrolytes on the Energy Storage Mechanism of Vertically-Oriented Graphene Nanosheet Electrodes by Using Advanced Electrogravimetric Method

Authors: Tao Lé, Gérard Bidan, Florence Billon, Marc Delaunay, Jean-Michel Gérard, Hubert Perrot, Ozlem Sel and David Aradilla

Journal: Nanomaterials, 2020

Publication on AWSensors technology

A Multichannel Microfluidic Sensing Cartridge for Bioanalytical Applications of Monolithic Quartz Crystal Microbalance

Authors: María Calero, Román Fernández, Pablo García, José Vicente García, María García, Esther Gamero-Sandemetrio, Ilya Reviakine, Antonio Arnau and Yolanda Jiménez.

Journal: Biosensors, 2020

Publication on AWSensors technology

Charge Storage Properties of Nanostructured Poly (3,4–ethylenedioxythiophene) Electrodes Revealed by Advanced Electrogravimetry

Authors: Tao Lé, David Aradilla, Gérard Bidan, Florence Billon, Catherine Debiemme-Chouvy, Hubert Perrot, and Ozlem Sel

Journal: Nanomaterials, 2019