Journal: European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry,  2020

Authors:  Marta M. Maciel, Sónia G. Patrício, João Borges, Pavel A. Levkin, Tiago R. Correia, João F. Mano

Abstract: A high demand for materials with defined geometry and size is required in a wide range of fields. Inorganic compounds, especially silica‐based, arise as a cheap source and chemically flexible for the purpose. Silica display unique properties, like easy functionalization and good optical features making an interesting material to manipulate. In this work, we developed a method to create thin silica microsheets with defined size and high‐fidelity shape using superhydrophobic‐hydrophilic microarrays. These microstructures were produced through sol‐gel process using biomimetic superhydrophobic surfaces decorated with wettable spots. The results confirm the manufacture of porous silica microstructures with defined design (squares and circles) and thickness around 7 µm. The methodology applied in this work enables the high throughput fabrication of shaped silica materials in a single step, unlocking an extensive number of applications in areas that require miniaturization, like microelectronics or in fields like sensing and biomedicine