How to properly refer to AWSensors equipment and cite our work in your publications:

Dear Customers!

AWSensors is committed to providing you with the highest quality commercial and custom-designed research instruments, accessories, and support. To continue doing so effectively, we rely on you to properly acknowledge in your scientific communications the instrumentation, sensors, and/or accessories you have used in your work that were purchased from AWSensors S.L., (Paterna, Spain). Examples include the A20 research platform with one – four channels, optionally equipped with an F20 fluidics module. Examples of accessories include measurement cells for in-batch or in-flow measurements with the A20 research platform or external equipment (impedance analyzers). Examples of sensors include the classical QCM sensors with various electrodes and coatings, high-frequency (HFF) QCM sensors, and Love wave sensors. Please also specify whether the instruments or accessories were custom-designed for you.

Relevant publications and patents:

Phase detection system used in the AWSensors research platforms:

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Quick-Lock cells:

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High-frequency sensors:

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