How to properly refer to AWSensors products in your publications:

Dear Customers!

AWSensors is committed to providing you with the highest quality commercial and custom-designed research instruments, accessories, and support. To continue doing so effectively, we rely on you to properly acknowledge in your scientific communications the instrumentation, sensors, and/or accessories you have used in your work that were purchased from Advanced Wave Sensors S.L., (Paterna, Spain).

Examples of Research Instruments include the X1 Modular QCMD system with one channel, or the X4 Advanced Multichannel QCMD system with four channels, optionally equipped with an FCU fluidics module.

Examples of accessories include measurement cells for in-batch or in-flow measurements with the A20 research platform or external equipment (impedance analyzers).

Examples of sensors include the classical QCM sensors with various electrodes and coatings, high fundamental frequency (HFF) QCM sensors, and Love-SAW sensors. Please also specify whether the instruments or accessories were custom-designed for you.

Relevant publications and patents:

Phase detection system used in the AWSensors research platforms:

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Quick-Lock cells:

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High fundamental frequency sensors:

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Love-SAW sensors:

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