Systematic error analysis in the determination of physical parameters of the coating in Quartz Crystal Resonator sensors

Authors: Y. Jiménez, A. Arnau, T. Sogorb, M. Otero, E. Calvo

Event: 4th Acoustic Wave Sensor Workshop. Salbris, France (2003)


A new algorithmic strategy which permits an unambiguous extraction of the effective surface mass density, loss tangent and characteristic impedance of the first coating layer in AT cut quartz crystal resonators (QCR) is introduced. A preliminary analysis of the propagating error in the determination of these effective physical parameters, due to practical errors in the admittance measuring system or due to a lack of precision in the admittance model for describing the real admittance of the sensor, is presented as well. This analysis makes clear the necessity of a standard indicating the specifications of the measuring system including the cell interface for an appropriate sensor characterization.