February 22th 2016

AWSensors is proud to announce the agreement with the French multinational Bio-Logic Science Instruments. We are now the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for the Acoustic Sensing System distributed by this company, a real-time and sensitive system to monitor surface-bound interactions, such as adsorption and desorption processes, characterization of molecular interactions, protein conformational changes, etc.

As a result of this agreement, Bio-logic has exclusive rights to sell AWSensors platforms for electrochemistry applications because our platforms can be coupled to a Bio-Logic potentiostat/galvanostat system to perform e-QCM measurements for the most demanding experimental requirements.

AWSensors will keep selling directly its instruments for bio applications.

Bio-Logic company has a wide expertise in scientific instruments for high-performance applications such as:

        •  Electrochemistry
        • Spectroscopy and photosynthesis
        • Batteries and Power Test
        • Test material
        • Scanning electrochemical systems
        • Electrophysiology

Bio-Logic is headquartered in France, in the town of Claix, and it has offices in the US and India and a large and growing network of distributors worldwide. Therefore, this agreement allows AWSensors to offer local distributors and local technical support to customers.

We appreciate the confidence that Bio-logic has on AWSensors technology and we are convinced that this agreement will be extremely beneficial for everyone interested in cutting-edge acoustic sensing technology.