AWSensors is pleased to announce the release of its new Technology Note QCMD Data Analysis with PyQTM.

Summary of the Note

This Technology Note offers AWSensors customers step-by-step instructions for using PyQTM to analyze AWSensors QCMD data, a standalone executable, an accompanying video and tutorial data. The material in this note is available to AWSensors customers only. Downloading instructions can be found below.


PyQTM is a free, open-source software package for the analysis of QCMD data in terms of the viscoelastic model to obtain adsorbed mass and viscoelastic parameters of the film. PyQTM provides the user with a simple, intuitive interface, file- and clipboard-based data import and export functions, the ability to analyze Chi2 landscape of the fit and interconvert viscoelastic parameters between different formats.

To receive the Technology Note…

… please fill out the form below indicating that you wish to receive the QCMD Data Analysis with PyQTM technology note and the accompanying materials (AWSensors PyQTM standalone executable, tutorial data, and a step-by-step instructions video). Please help us by including the serial number of your AWSensors instrument.

You can also directly download PyQTM python source code from