new analysis software

New analysis software

A new full-featured analysis software is already available for AWS-A20 platforms. User will be able to make QCM experiments with or without electrochemistry in a very simple, fast and intuitive way because AWS Suite software has been specifically designed to ensure an optimal user experience.

It allows effortless management of multiple, different devices, including AWS A20 system, AWS F20 fluidics module and Bio-Logic potentiostats/galvanostats, from a single interface view. Furthermore, the software allows remote access to devices by IP address within the network.

Better data management

Good data management is crucial to ensure quality research. Therefore, new features have been implemented as a solution to match this need. AWS Suite organizes all the data in a simple file system based in the creation and management of projects. The software guides the user in creating and configuring QCM and eQCM experiments, as well as in the application of modeling tools for data analysis.

User-friendly displays and modelling tool

For a better user experience, improved graphic displays containing more graphic tools, automatic annotations and simple computations are featured, in addition to an electronic notebook available in every experiment to keep records of additional information within the experiment file.

Easy access to experiment configuration, data and visualization

AWS Suite allows the user to revisit experiment configuration, data and visualization in a straightforward manner, as well as to import the configuration of previous experiments to quickly reproduce them.

AWSensors developers team has made a huge effort to understand the workflow and needs of users so that the use of the new program is really intuitive, simple and fast.