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Publication on AWSensors technology

Methods for Calibrating the Electrochemical Quartz Crystal Microbalance: Frequency to Mass and Compensation for Viscous Load

Authors: Claes-Olof A. Olsson, Anna Neus Igual-Muñoz and Stefano Mischler

JournalChemosensors (2023)



The main output from an Electrochemical Quartz Crystal Microbalance is a frequency shift. This note describes how to separate the mass- and viscous load contributions to this shift by a calibration procedure. The mass calibration is made by electroplating from a copper sulfate solution in ethanol/water with 100% current efficiency. An estimate of viscous load is obtained by measuring the energy dissipation and is related to frequency change using the Kanazawa–Gordon equation. Two approaches are discussed: either by performing calibration experiments in a series of water–glycerol mixtures or by following oscillations in frequency and dissipation by collecting data during the stabilization phase of the experiment.


You may read the full paper here.

The difference the “D” makes in QCMD

AWSensors presents a new Technology Note on the importance of dissipation measuring when working with QCMD: “The difference the “D” makes in QCMD”.


What is dissipation, and why it is useful?

Quartz Crystal Microbalance with Dissipation, or QCMD, is having a tremendous impact on research in the soft and biological interfaces fields because of its versatility and the wealth of information it provides. In this Technology Note, we discuss the origins of dissipation in the different systems studied by QCMD, from complex fluids and polymer films to biomolecular and particle assemblies, and the information dissipation can provide, from characterizing viscoelasticity to studying molecular conformation.

In this Technical Note we discuss the origins of dissipation, how it can be used to verify the applicability of the Sauerbrey relationship and their interaction with the viscoelasticity and in the biological sensing.


Download the Full Technology Note

You can read and download the full Technology Note in pdf file from this link. A list of our Technology Notes can be found on our Technology Web Page..