Publication on AWSensors technology

Well-Defined Lignin Model Films from Colloidal Lignin Particles

Authors: Muhammad Farooq , Zou Tao, Juan José Valle-Delgado, Mika Henrikki Sipponen, Maria Morits, Monika Österberg

Journal: Langmuir, 2020

Publication on AWSensors technology

Two-dimensional adaptive membranes with programmable water and ionic channels

Authors: Daria V. Andreeva, Maxim Trushin, Anna Nikitina, Mariana C. F. Costa, Pavel V. Cherepanov, Matthew Holwill, Siyu Chen, Kou Yang, See Wee Chee, Utkur Mirsaidov, Antonio H. Castro Neto & Kostya S. Novoselov.

Journal: Nature Nanotechnology, 2020

Publication on AWSensors technology

Deciphering the Influence of Electrolytes on the Energy Storage Mechanism of Vertically-Oriented Graphene Nanosheet Electrodes by Using Advanced Electrogravimetric Method

Authors: Tao Lé, Gérard Bidan, Florence Billon, Marc Delaunay, Jean-Michel Gérard, Hubert Perrot, Ozlem Sel and David Aradilla

Journal: Nanomaterials, 2020

Publication on AWSensors technology

A Multichannel Microfluidic Sensing Cartridge for Bioanalytical Applications of Monolithic Quartz Crystal Microbalance

Authors: María Calero, Román Fernández, Pablo García, José Vicente García, María García, Esther Gamero-Sandemetrio, Ilya Reviakine, Antonio Arnau and Yolanda Jiménez.

Journal: Biosensors, 2020

Innovative Company

Innovative SME

February 22nd 2021: AWSensors was registered as an innovative company by the Spanish Government on March 26th 2020.

This acknowledgement was granted to AWSensors because it is a company which is developing new products to be introduced in the market and it is improving the existent ones in the QCM market.

The applications were AWSensors technology is being applied are listed in our Application webpage. Visit our Technology webpage to learn more about how AWSensors technology works.


Innovative SME - PYME innovadora

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Internacionalización de AWSensors

25 de noviembre del 2020: Advanced Waves Sensors S.L. (AWSensors) ha sido beneficiaria del Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional cuyo objetivo es mejorar la competitividad de las Pymes y gracias al cual ha puesto en marcha un Plan de Internacionalización con el objetivo de mejorar su posicionamiento competitivo en el exterior durante el año 2020. Para ello ha contado con el apoyo del Programa XPANDE DIGITAL 2019 de la Cámara de Comercio de Valencia.



QCMD in Lipid Research

QCMD in Lipid Research Tech Note

October 15th 2020: AWSensors is pleased to invite you to take a look to its Technology Note entitled “QCMD in Lipid Research”.

Summary of the Note

QCMD is a label-free surface-analytical technique based on a quartz resonator excited to oscillate at its resonance frequency on one or more overtones. Resonators can have various coatings: gold (Au), silica (SiO2), titania (TiO2), etc. It works in aqueous media or organic solvents and is therefore widely used for studying solid/liquid interfaces. At each overtone, QCMD measures changes in the resonance frequency and energy dissipation due to the processes occurring at the resonator surface. Examples of such processes include formation of a film or changes in the geometrical or physical properties of the film.

The key feature that makes QCMD useful in lipid research is its ability to distinguish between different geometries and topologies of lipidic assemblies at interfaces, for example, homogenous solid-supported bilayers or monolayers vs. adsorbed liposomes or other structures (such as cubosomes) without relying on fluorescent or deuterated labels but by relying on the combination of the frequency and dissipation.

QCMD in Lipid Research


Lipid-related QCMD work can be grouped into several topics, with a total of more than a thousand publications:
• Studies focusing on the interactions between lipids and surfaces.
• Studies focusing on the properties of the lipids, such as their phase behavior, adsorbed liposome deformation, etc.
• Studies examining interactions between lipids and membrane-binding proteins, peptides or viruses. Particularly interesting is that QCMD offers a way to study clustering of membrane-bound proteins.
• Studies focusing on the interactions of lipids with polymers or with nanoparticles.


Continue reading by downloading the full Technology Note (below) …

Download the Full Technology Note

You can download the full Note in pdf format through this link. A list of our Technology Notes can be found on our Technology Web Page.

Publication on AWSensors technology

Making Advanced Electrogravimetry as an Affordable Analytical Tool for Battery Interface Characterization

Authors: Pierre Lemaire, Thomas Dargon, Daniel Alves Dalla Corte, Ozlem Sel, Hubert Perrot, and Jean-Marie Tarascon

Journal: Anal. Chem., 2020

Publication on AWSensors technology

Liposomes Embedded in Layer by Layer Constructs as Simplistic Exosome Transfer Model

Authors: Gerardo Prieto, Vicente Domínguez-Arca, Rui R. Costa, Ana M. Carvalho, Pablo Taboada, Rui L. Reis, Iva Pashkuleva

Journal: Research Square, 2020