Bio-Logic AWS-A20 at Biosensing Conference

AWSensors at the 5th International Conference on Biosensing technology

May 4th 2017

AWSensors technology will be at the  5th International Conference on Bio-sensing technology to be held at Riva del Garda, Italy, from May 7th to 10th. We are pleased to invite you to see our biosensing platforms at the booth of Bio-Logic, our OEM distributor.

AWS A20-F20 platform is the most flexible and sensitive QCM-D system in the market. It is able to work with low and high frequency QCM sensors and SAW sensors. It also ensures high sensitivity because of a novel method of characterization that keeps noise at very low level in spite of working at high frequencies by using AWS-HFF sensors (100-150 MHz). AWSensors also provides QCM and SAW sensors and a wide range of cells and accessories to customize experiments and tests according to specific conditions required by scientists.

Therefore, AWS A20 system provides you with big competitive advantages:

–       High flexibility, capable to work with any acoustic wave sensor; modular system capable to be upgraded with more channels after purchase (up to 4)

–       High sensitivity

–       Customization, with accessories to make measurements in specific conditions

–       Price convenience

Do not miss the opportunity to check the advantages of our technology at the booth of Bio-Logic and meet our Application Scientist, Mrs. María García.

Bio-Logic, new distributor of our electrochemistry instruments

February 22th 2016

AWSensors is proud to announce the agreement with the French multinational Bio-Logic Science Instruments. We are now the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for the Acoustic Sensing System distributed by this company, a real-time and sensitive system to monitor surface-bound interactions, such as adsorption and desorption processes, characterization of molecular interactions, protein conformational changes, etc.

As a result of this agreement, Bio-logic has exclusive rights to sell AWSensors platforms for electrochemistry applications because our platforms can be coupled to a Bio-Logic potentiostat/galvanostat system to perform e-QCM measurements for the most demanding experimental requirements.

AWSensors will keep selling directly its instruments for bio applications.

Bio-Logic company has a wide expertise in scientific instruments for high-performance applications such as:

  •  Electrochemistry
  • Spectroscopy and photosynthesis
  • Batteries and Power Test
  • Test material
  • Scanning electrochemical systems
  • Electrophysiology

Bio-Logic is headquartered in France, in the town of Claix, and it has offices in the US and India and a large and growing network of distributors worldwide. Therefore, this agreement allows AWSensors to offer local distributors and local technical support to customers.

We appreciate the confidence that Bio-logic has on AWSensors technology and we are convinced that this agreement will be extremely beneficial for everyone interested in cutting-edge acoustic sensing technology.

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