Publication on AWSensors technology

Comparison of Thin-Film Capacitor Geometries for the Detection of Volatile Organic Compounds Using a ZIF-8 Affinity Layer

Authors: Aleksander Matavž, Margot F. K. Verstreken, Jorid Smets, Max L. Tietze, and Rob Ameloot

JournalACS Sensors (2023)



Their chemical diversity, uniform pore sizes, and large internal surface areas make metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) highly suitable for volatile organic compound (VOC) adsorption. This work compares two geometries of capacitive VOC sensors that use the MOF material ZIF-8 as an affinity layer. When using a permeable top electrode (thickness < 25 nm), the metal–insulator–metal (MIM) sandwich configuration exhibits superior sensitivity, an improved detection limit, and a smaller footprint than the conventional interdigitated electrode layout. Moreover, the transduction of VOC adsorption in ZIF-8 via MIM capacitors is more sensitive to polar VOCs and provides better selectivity at high loadings than gravimetric and optical transductions.


You may read the full paper here.